Crafted for You

Here at Ironbridge Interiors we are always thriving to improve the quality of our kitchens and due to this we are pleased to introduce our "Crafted for You" range. The Crafted for you range is a range of exclusive kitchens what are totally "Bespoke" to your requirements . The options in the crafted for you range are endless, all the doors are totally bespoke and can be made to any size in any timber in any finish. The main timbers on offer are Oak, Walnut, Ash and Cheery but as the "Crafted for You" range is totally bespoke you can pick any timber you wish. The "Crafted for You" range is also on a matching veneered carcase rather then your everyday MFC carcase.  The end result of the bespoke door and veneered carcase is totally stunning and is available at a very reasonable price. The average kitchen in the "Crafted for you" range is only about 25% more expensive then your standard kitchen but the end result is a kitchen what will look stunning. CRAFTED FOR YOU  

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  1. Mr Jones July 17, 2012 at 5:27 pm #

    Is this range available in a painted finish? If so what colours are available?

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